From just £1 per ticket, you could win:

First prize£1,000
Second prize£200*
Third prize£50
Fourth prize£10 x 5
Fifth prize£5 x 40
Max Rollover£10,000
* Our rollover prize starts at £200 and increases by £200 every week it's not won. Once it reaches £10,000, it becomes a guaranteed prize in that draw!

Taking part is easy

Simply complete the online form to join. You can even pay by Direct Debit so you never miss a draw.

  • Each entry costs £1 per week. You'll be allocated a unique six-digit number that’s entered into the draw every Friday.
  • You can check the draw results each week right here on our website.
  • We’ll get in touch if you are a lucky winner.

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Imagine being told you, or your child, has a complex or incurable condition.

That’s the reality for families across Essex right now. They need support and they need somewhere to turn. It's why we exist.

Will you be a Havens Hero?

Havens Hospices has cared for over 1,400 patients across Essex in the past year. We want to be able to do that in the future too. We need Havens Heroes like you. Every ticket helps.

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